In the past even future seemed brighter …

Di., 10. Dezember, kinokis mikrokino #244
19.00 Uhr depot, Breitegasse 3
Filmstill: Csendélet (R: Mark Novák, HU 1962)
Sebestyén Kodolányi, cineast, curator and archivist from Hungary brings a program with three of his own films, all around the contemporary sociopolitical situation in Hungary in three different types of filmic language and caracter.

Dogfight, 8min.
Camp, 21min.
Greenbox, 53min.

Greenbox is a documentary about the current hungarian situation, with a story based on corrupt investment on digitalisation and experience tourism.

Followed by a discussion with Sebestyén Kodolányi. Kodolányi was the director of the Béla Balázs Studio Foundation and chief curator of the Béla Balázs Studio Research Archive.