Network for an Alternative Quest

Challenging Capitalist Modernity – Alternative Concepts and the Kurdish Quest  
3.–5. February at Hamburg University
The organizers of the conference are pleased to extend an invitation to all those interested in discussing theoretical and practical measures required to establish an alternative way of life. This conference should also prove of interest to all those who would like to be fully updated on the latest transformations within Kurdish society and its popular movement as well the alternative proposals put forward by the Kurds.

Program of the Conference at Hamburg University

Friday 3. February 2012
Norman Paech (Organizing Committee)
Antonio Negri and some remarks on and by Abdullah Ocalan
Saturday 4.  February 2012
Session 1: The quest for a new social science continues
Moderation: Karianne Westrheim (Norway)
1.1 Questioning the social sciences in the struggle against capitalist modernity: Wolf-Dieter Narr
1.2 Sidelined by Social Sciences: Invisible Peoples (e. g. Kurds) & Invisible Gender: Şenel Karataş
1.3 Alternative to established social sciences: Ann-Kristin Kowarsch

Session2: Capitalism as the crisis of civilization
2.1 Capitalism and Civilization: Antonio Negri
2.2 Capitalism as the highest stage of power monopoly: Reimar Heider
2.3 Sexism as a constant of state-based civilization: Fadile Yıldırım
2.4 Capitalism's instruments of plunder: Industrialism and nation-State: Achin Vanaik and Solly Mapaila

Session 3: The nation-state: A straight jacket for the Middle East
Moderation: Murat Çakır
3.1 New opportunities for democracy in the Middle East: Nuray Mert
3.2 The Kurds and new ideas for a changing Middle East: Muzaffer Ayata
3.3 Moderate Islam – the new disguise? The AKP government and the Middle East: Ferda Çetin
3.4 Understanding moderate Islam: Sadik Hassan Itaimish
Sunday 5 February 2012
Session 4: Towards a new paradigm – Democratic Modernity
4.1 From Marxism to Communalism and Confederalism: Bookchin and Öcalan Janet Biehl
4.2 A new democracy is possible: Communalism! Eirik Eiglad and Tom Waibel
4.3 Founders of radical democracy: Experiences of women and gender liberation movements: Gönül Kaya